Summer Sunday Series 2014

The 2014 Summer Sunday Series

July 6, 2014  – Sunday 1 – 3 PM – Old Oneonta Postcards


This first program of our Summer Sunday Series was dedicated to the memory of Lois Herrick, a very active and supportive part of the Friends of SW.  She was involved with planning this year’s series when she unexpectedly died.   Her support, energy, and historic knowledge will be greatly missed by the SW House Museum.  A generous supporter of the Oneonta community, she had a large collection of Old Oneonta Postcards which she often shared.  In her honor this SW program will center on postcards, and especially old Oneonta postcards.  All are invited to bring their own collection of old Oneonta postcards to share.


The 2013 Summer Sunday Series

July 14 – “In the beginning was the dream: John Christopher Hartwick’s college.” – Len Pudelka

Hear all the interesting backstories behind the College in our backyard. Len, a former professor there, will share his knowledge with all of us. If you have any stories to share, please come and join in.

July 21 – “Growing Up on the East End During the 40s” – Garth Radley


Those were definitely the more innocent fun days of childhood! Come and hear Garth’s talk and bring your own memories along to share with the group.

July 28 – “Old Mills of the Area” – Anna Elwyn and Bill Brindle


Another industry that has gently faded from our area…join us as we travel back in time to when this was a major part of Oneonta’s landscape.

August 4 – “Batter Up” – John Pecora 

John Pecora

Playing Little League was a major part of the childhood years of many Oneonta boys. This sports lover will share his own tales of the local Little League with stories, photos, and surely…laughs. Bring your own ephemera and memories of Little League baseball to share.

August 11 – “Remembering an Icon- Carl Delberta”


Relatives & associates will share their pride and love of Carl and the founding of the Boy’s Club.  The talk will include childhood events that started his lifelong dream to help young boys grow into tomorrow’s leaders.   Surely, Carl touched many many Oneonta lives….come and share your personal memories.

August 18 – “The Mysterious Eva Coo” – Taylor Hollist

Eva Coo

There’s always more to learn about this fascinating woman. Taylor has done his homework and is prepared to share it with us. Do you know something he doesn’t know? Come and tell us!

August 25 – “Hysterical…no, Historical Clothing!” – Dorothy Rathbun

Dorothy is a Seamstress at the Farmer’s Museum in Cooperstown and has a great deal of knowledge about the working clothing of the day….which is around 1845. The Swart-Wilcox clothing collection will also be on display.

October 12, 2013  –  Saturday  –  10 to 4 –  “Corn Fest”  –  Otsego County Historical Association –  “History Day”

OCHA’s History Day this year will take place at the Swart-Wilcox House, and will focus upon new Swart Corn Crib and the Fall Harvests of the area…corn, apples, hops, honey, and harvest produce.

There will be talks, tours, games and demonstrations, as well as food, available all day long.   Local authors and historical societies will be on hand with their specialities.

The 1820 Peter Swart Corn Crib that floated to the Lawrence Swart farm with the 2011 Schoharie Creek flood.