Henry Wilcox

How to make business good

On February 1, 1890, Henry Wilcox passed this broadside out while walking down Main Street Oneonta.  He was upset with the way the town was developing, and had been watching the sleepy little farm village grow ever since the railroad had arrived in the 1860s.  As a farmer outside of the actual village he watched:  the sewer line go across his property in 1883 without his approval: sidewalks and paved roads created by the village, but only in the village;   electric lights and fire hydrants brought to the village proper but not outside the village;  and as a land owning tax payer he was forced to pay for it all.  His anger and frustration can be seen in this broadside which he had printed in Sidney so no one in Oneonta would know about it before he distributed it on Main St.

He was sued by the Village Attorney, Burr Mattice, and was released on $4,000 bail.