The Swart Family

Lawrence Swart

 1753 – 1841

Revolutionary War Soldier

2nd Company 15th Regiment NYS Militia

Lawrence, along with his two brothers Peter and David, enlisted from “Scho-harry.”  It is believed that the Swart brothers floated past Oneonta on their way down the Susquehanna River with General Clinton’s troops as they met up with General Sullivan.

He is buried at Riverside Cemetery, Oneonta, NY  and a marker was placed at the Swart-Wilcox House by Oneonta Chapter DAR October 13, 2007

He purchased 3 sections of the Wallace Patient on the North Side of the Susquehanna River over a series of years, which was a total of  230 acres of land.  Lawrence, known as “Hemlock Swart,” cleared the land, moved to Oneonta with his 2nd wife,  and in 1807, he built his German Palatine Venacular House.

The Swart family lived here until 1841 when Lawrence and his son David, sold the farm just months before his death in 1841. The property was sold to Peter Collier and Jared Goodyear, who purchased the land in order to sell off  a large area to the Albany & Susquehanna Railroad in 1867.

The Swart farmstead was one of the earliest farms in the Oneonta area, and as the Wilcox farm, was one of the last working farms in the City of Oneonta (1960s)