Friends of Swart-Wilcox

The Friends of Swart-Wilcox is a non-profit organization which plans, oversees, and runs the programs and maintance of the City of Oneonta owned Swart-Wilcox House Museum.

The By-Laws of the Friends of Swart-Wilcox state in Article II that “the purpose of this organization shall be to:

“maintain an association of persons interested in the Swart-Wilcox House Museum;  stimulate the use and enjoyment of the Swart-Wilcox House Museum resources and services;

develop educational programs which promote life-long learning and appreciation of local history;

suppport and cooperate with the City of Oneonta in developing activities related to the Swart-Wilcox House Museum;

encourage and receive gifts, endowments and bequests to the programs of Swart-Wilcox House Museum;

and support the on-going historical significance of the Leatherstocking region of New York State and of Oneonta in particular.”

Help is always needed at SW in a variety of areas, so if you are interested, consider volunteering in one of these areas:

        • tour guide
        • hostess committee
        • collection maintance
        • gardens & landscaping
        • programing
        • membership
        • finance

Our SW year runs from January 1st to December 31st.

Officers for 2021 are:

    • President     Helen Rees
    • Vice Pres      Joan Kollgaard
    • Secretary     Debby Cloush
    • Treasurer    Loraine Tyler

Yearly membership is:

  • $2 Junior
  •  $10 Individual
  • $25 Family
  • $25 Service  Organizations
  • $50 Business
  • $250 Sustaining

For more information, contact:

Helen Rees
31 Elm St
Oneonta, NY 13820